Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Have A Confession To Make...

Yesterday I had my son run into the store and purchase a Cherry Coke for me.  When we got home, I opened it like normal and some of it fizzled up almost spilling out of the top.  And then it hit me....

I confessed to my husband, (with some giggles of course), of the times my sister and I would be demanded to go to the store and get a Pepsi for our mom.  If anyone KNEW my mom when I was a kid, they would know she LOVED her Pepsi!  Back then when they came out of a cold machine, they were canned not bottled. OMGoodness am I old??

Now, my mom would call us on our cell phones....GOTCHA, you know there were no such things back then.  She would call out our names from out of the window and no matter what we were doing, swimming, hide-n-go-seek, roller skating, red rover, double dutch, etc., we would come running (or else)!

Because we were always into the best part of whatever we were playing,
 we would NOT be happy to hear the call.
  But as any smart kid would do, we went to the store as we were told for her beloved Pepsi.

Here's the part where I must confess... After we purchased her Pepsi, I'll say "I", (don't wanna implicate my sister who is 6 years older than me and should have known better), would shake, shake and shake some more that cold can of Pepsi!  I think I remember even tossing it to the ground a few times picking it back up and shaking it some more.  Don't judge me, you know you stuck out your tongue to your mother when she wasn't looking!

We would run into the house, drop off the Pepsi, give her all of the change of course, then off we went.  As we ran out giggling, I can still hear my mom say $%#@!& Shannon!!

What??  I promise I'm a good girl now!!


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