Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WAY Back Wednesday!

*The Spring/Childhood Edition*

I decided to do a spin on what I usually call Way Back Wednesdays. Lately there has been lots of talks about my childhood around here so I've been reminiscing on what my life was like this time of year when I was a kid and the things I just couldn't go without.

Anyone remember.....


You couldn't go to a sleepover without playing this!

How about waking up and eating this...

Yep, that's Cookie Crisp Cereal!  That was my all time favorite (surprised?)!

I'll tell you what...who didn't jump out of bed early on Saturday Mornings for cartoons?

What happened to the good cartoons!? Couldn't leave to go play without watching these two!

Speaking of cartoons...Chuck-E-Cheese doesn't have nothing on

Show Biz Pizza!

Spring time means "ding, ding, ding"...
The Ice Cream Man
(I have a post coming soon on that one)! 
What'd you run down the street for??

And how can I forget The Skating Rink...Oh and don't forget your Pink Poms!

Whew, that was fun! 

Did I spark any memories?? Let's hear em'!


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