Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've MOVED!!!!

Hi There!  Thanks for stopping by!!  I'd like to direct you over to my NEW HOME!

Shh, don't tell Blogger! :)

Feel free to look at old post here...but don't forget to head over to our new place and say hello!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This past weekend marked 5 years since our family's big move to our first home.
Time flies! 
It has been a fantastic five years.  From home schooling the first two years and not knowing any of our neighbors, to Breezy graduating from the local High School and having neighbors doing a hula-hoop contest at her grad party.  Renovations, painting, demolitions, landscaping, just to name a few, we've pretty much done tried it all!  We have been blessed with some great memories in our home and neighborhood.  Here is just a little peek at some of our adventures living here...

Not one of our most glamorous moments...
This one is still in progress...

We've enjoyed the simple things...

We've worked hard to make things nice...

We've been TP'd inside and out...

We've endured some storms...

We've celebrated some birthdays...

We've enjoyed a few parties.

The last five years have been blessing after blessing and we have much to be thankful for.

Speaking of moving...Her Cup Runs Over will be moving to a new home soon...stay tuned for our Online  New Home Sweet Home Party!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things That Inspire Thursday


1. to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence.
2. to produce or arouse.
3. to fill or affect with a pecified feeling, thought.
4. to influence or impel.
5. to animate, as an influence, feeling, thought, or the like.
6. to communicate or suggest by a divine or supernatural influence: writings inspired by god.
7. to guide or control by divine influence.
8. to prompt or instigate (utterances, acts, etc.) by influence, without avowal of responsibility.
9. to give rise to, bring about, cause, etc.


This week while my daughter was home for the Easter weekend, we visited some places that I consider inspiring.  Not only for me but her as well.  As a matter of fact they brought back some of my most embarrassing and wild ideas that I usually don't share with most.
  Oh boy!

Ok, so maybe this isn't inspiring, but it sure was GOOD!  First time eating here...I'll definitely be back!

Not so well known fact: I eat pizza at least twice a week. (don't judge)

Que Sera'
Edina, MN
Shabby Chic my eye on that window!

Not so well known fact: I don't look at prices, I usually just buy what I like
(don't judge & don't tell my hubby)

Also at Que Sera'...too dang cute and why can't I sew!?!?

Not so well known fact: I wanted to make capes in a previous life. (effects of too much coffee, don't judge)

Still here...lovin' the wall art and the wall behind it!  Did I mention my daughter LOVES Shabby Chic? That means "old" to me BUT, I will buy it new if it looks old...make sense??

Not so well known fact: I dislike antiques because they smell and I'm scared of their history. (don't judge)

Oh, yes! Now we're talkin'....cupcakes! 
Not so well known fact: I used to think I could be a baker and own my own bakery.
(stop laughing & don't judge)

You have know idea what we went through to get to this place...My kind of inspiration!

Not so well known fact: Bryana ate two cupcakes before we even got home!

One (2) of these things is not like the other, one (2) of these things is not the same (Sesame Street tune)
Old Navy does not inspire me, BUT my never bashful kids do!

Not so well known fact: I was ticked off at Mall of America & pretty much complained the entire time we were there on Easter because 90% of their stores were closed!

For last week's Things That Inspire Thursday click here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Operation Easter Basket

What's my motto...say it with me...ANY EXCUSE TO CELEBRATE!

Bryana's home, it's Easter...yep, good enough!

She's Back!!

A whole lotta huggin' goin' on!

Doesn't get any better!

They really DO love each other!

My precious girl!

Lovin' her daddy!

Happy Easter Mocha!

Something about this is NOT right!

Yep, I'm THAT mom!

Let me just say that my kids are 18 & 14...pray for me!

Crusty eyes, stinky morning breath and all
...that's how we do it!

(DISCLAIMER: The true meaning of Easter was not lost in the adding of bunny ears, tails and colored eggs...Not only did He Jesus die for our sins but so we can also love and enjoy life with a good sense of humor.)

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday...

 I absolutely love this time of year. 
My family claims I say that about every season! :)
Spring, Track, Easter, and this year my Breezy's coming home from school to spend the holiday with us! I even declared this weekend

"Operation Easter Basket"!
 (check out my next few posts)

However, with all the exciting events that are happening, I cannot forget the

true meaning
of the celebration.  It's

"Good Friday"
and without "today", there would be no celebration.  As a child every year my mom, sister and I would watch Jesus of Nazareth.  Back then it was a three part series and each night I would come in from playing outdoors, eat, shower and dive right into the TV.  I'm not sure why I was so drawn to this man that seemed to be treated so badly and yet loved everyone he came in contact with.  I would watch it until the very end.

We weren't a
religious family
 and pretty much only went to church on Easter, but for some reason my mom would welcome us to watch it with her.  I remember crying and asking my mom why they had to

kill this man.
  There was just something that was so real and fascinating about what I witnessed.  I can recall the weather, always raining and the mood was very somber on the day named "Good Friday".

Many years later,
 I am still captivated
by "that man".  Not the actor, but the man, the son of God that laid down His life for me even before I was born and even had a clue of what I was watching as a child.  I am very thankful to my mom for setting the channel on Jesus of Nazareth every year.  Those are some of my fondest memories as a child.  I believe they were seeds being planted for
my faith today.

I will dye eggs, I will buy my kids unnecessary things and even get dressed up to attend church on Easter Sunday, BUT I will never forget what took place thousands of years ago for my
life in Christ today!


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