Friday, March 25, 2011

Table Flippn' Friday! 3/25

" Ok, picture this...a backyard full of mud from melting snow, a puppy who is ready to play after going potty, and me in my nightgown at 10 o'clock at night...Mmm hmm.  That'll make you flip a table!"

Join Us!

Channel your inner fiesty housewife with us, and get it off your chest. This is your day to share what made you or almost made you lose your cool this past week AND it’s a great way to find, meet, and gain more followers on your blog! No expensive china broken, and no carpet stains from that good bottle of wine to clean up.
Follow by any social method you prefer. Please be sure to leave a comment letting the person know how you followed so they can follow you back.

Guidelines are simple to participate:

1) On YOUR blog, share something that made you or almost made you flip a table as a post along with our Table Flippn’ Friday button and link-up.

2) Follow your hosts in spots 1-shallowocity & 2- Her Cup Runs Over. Leave a comment on our Table Flippn’ Friday posts letting us know how you follow and so we can follow you back.

3) Link up! Please link directly to your post, NOT to your homepage when adding your link to the list blog hop list.

4) Next, follow as many other fabulous bloggers as you like. Then also comment on their "Friday Flippn' hop post sharing how you are following and how you found them!

Table Flippn’ Friday hop opens at 9 PM on Thursday night and runs through Friday 11:59PM. Remember only direct links to your “flippn” are accepted. Links to your homepage, other blog hops, or giveaways will be deleted

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