Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Big Fat Blessed Weekend!

No tournament on the schedule for Jayson.  Sounds like sleeping in late, waking up, shuffling to the kitchen to make coffee, then lounging around shifting from one couch to the other, right?? Umm, NOT!  But we would not have had it any other way!

Our weekend started out with a much needed haircut for Mochaccino...

I'm all cleaned up now, where can we go?!

At almost every Basketball Tournament Jayson is blessed with friends of the family, relatives, and/or kids from school that come to watch him play.  This weekend was the perfect one to return the love and venture off to watch 4th grade girl's basketball....

 Aww, memories, good stuff and way to go "big sisters"! on our way to our first hockey game.  NHL's Minnesota Wild??  No silly, The "big boys" of Giggles Galore Child Care...

So stinkin' fun!  We were totally impressed with those skating skills that we witnessed!  We headed off to watch one more friend basketball game and our Saturday was just about complete, but before it ended....

Honoring 3 years of being a part of Traveling Basketball...priceless! 

HOLD ON, we're not finished yet!  Saturday ended sweetly, but Sunday ended just as sweet!
Welcome to the family Marley!  No, we didn't get a new puppy, BUT our dear friends did and he just happens to be our Mochaccino's brother!

NO Jayson, we can't get another one....right?!?!

Happy Weekend!


Celeste said...

Awwww, fun weekend!! I'm exhausted just reading. Great pics too!


Nikki said...

I just have one question.....where has this blog been all my blogging life? I can't beleive I haven't found you sooner. I immediately felt at home here! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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