Monday, March 28, 2011

The Day After...

the shocking, devastating, probably the most talked about loss in March Madness!  My beloved Kansas Jayhawks fell to VCwho? Ok, I'll be nice VCU, Virginia Common Wealth University.  I always tell my boy, it's whoever comes to play that will determine the outcome.  VCU came equipped and ready to do battle against the #1 Kansas Jayhawks and it was admittedly a great game for them.  I am no hater and I do love good basketball...but I HATE to lose!

Needless to say it is always an intense atmosphere around our home during Kansas Basketball time...especially during March Madness.  I'm not a "trash" talker, but because I love my team I get a lot of flack about them.  Let's face it, they're a winning team, with a winning history!  I always say, they're the team everybody loves to hate.  With that being said...
I was a bit nervous for this game.  The big game that would put the winning team in the Final Four!  It wasn't pretty my friends...

I paced, I yelled, I stood, I jumped, I clapped, and yes, I even swore!  I hear that song "Love Hurts" as I write this.  The last 8 minutes of the game I even had to leave the house. 
Don't judge me.  I was raised a Jayhawk fan.  If you even talked to my Grandmother during a game you would not EVER do it twice.  Sounds healthy right...I said don't judge me. 
We love our basketball no doubt about it!

So, this morning I wake up, I dust off my knees from kneeling and weeping all night long and I say what every true fan would say....They'll go all the way NEXT YEAR!


Rock Chalk Jayhawk Forever

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