Sunday, August 29, 2010

Football Weekend!

This weekend was the official start of football for The Edwards Family.  Jayson played in his first Jamboree.  Scrimmaged two games and scored the first touchdown on the first play of the first game and scored the last touchdown of the second game.  I think he might be a pretty good Running Back!  It was fun to see him out on the field with his dad...the Assistant Coach!  Good stuff and good memories!

The same day we went to watch the MN Vikings take on the Seattle Seahawks at MOA Field.  Yep, more football!  It was awesome and they even won for us!

Even Mocha is ready for some football!  And look who joined us for football weekend via TX!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon.
It sounds like Jayson's got some of my old moves on the field. I used to cause 'em to break their ankles tryin' to catch me.
200 yards a game ain't a bad way to start your career, huh?
Me & Deana (my wife) would like to thank your Vikings for beating the Cowboys last week. We're about the only people in TX who don't like the f-ball team. We do like the new stadium, but not the team.
Where in TX. is Bryana? We contend the weather is much better here.
I wish I could say something positive about KU b-ball this season, huh Jayson?
I'll have to stop by your blog more often.
See ya!
Uncle Lar.


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