Sunday, September 5, 2010

Minnesota State Fair

Let's get this party started off right!

Sweet Martha's Cookies....YUM!

Umm yep, can you say Tummy Ache!  But oh so worth it!

We love it here!

Can he make it 3years in a row???

WHOOSH!  3 years in a row, the boy has won a ball!

A beautiful night at the MN State Fair

This looked so fun, had to take a pic...maybe I can get one
of the boys in there next year?

Yes, please read carefully...YIKES!

The Great Minnesota Get Together...see ya next Summer!


Stacey Ripley said...

I LOVE your pictures of the Fair! It makes me feel like I was right there alongside you enjoying all the yummy stuff! Way to go, Jayson!! However, I am NOT surprised! :) Mocha better hang low until the Fair is over. Would hate for him to meet up with a stick.

Celeste said...

What a GREAT post Shannon!! Such great pics girl!! LOL about Mocha on a stick....Stacey is right; HANG LOW MOCHA, HANG LOW!!!!

Stacy said...

Love the pics! Next year we should try to get out there at the same time! We had a blast too!


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