Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome To Our BLOGOVER

I must say...if you don't have a family or business is the time to act!  I have had so much fun with our family BLOG, I can't even begin to tell you!  By nature, I am really not a very creative person, but BLOGGING will bring out your hidden creative side.  However, just like you can't get all dressed up and be ready to paint the town in some old CANNOT NOT have a fabulous BLOG DESIGNER!  I don't know if I'm alone, but I am inspired by "pretty", "fun", and "creative people"!  And with that I must recommend my designer...don't you share your hair stylist?  :)

I love the seasons.  They change and bring about new things.  It's the same way in our lives...Same family, different address, new look!  Hope you enjoy reading and I hope you're inspired to create your very own BLOG!


Celeste said...

I can't tell you how inspiring it was working on your blogover! Enjoy & thanks for sharing your family moments with all of us. FABULOUS!!

Stacey Ripley said...

I think the new blog is fantastic! Way to go Celeste and Shannon! It makes me excited to have one of my own! :)

Cortne said...

"Caffeinated Comments" I love it!
The blog is so cute and fun! you do such a great job!.. I'm excited for the "coming soon..." parts :)


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