Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Worship Weekend

Every February we look forward to attending a huge youth conference together as a family called, Acquire the Fire .  This event has fueld our family for the past 12 years in more ways than one.  Bryana, our oldest, is currently studying/interning at the very ministry that puts on "ATF".  We take off from work, plan our budget and this year added a guest to our worship adventure.

After learning that Bryana would be unable to make the long anticipated trip, do to her bus breaking down with 28 of her peers on board....we were extremely bummed!  You see, Bryana was part of the "call team" that contacted all of the Minnesota and surrounding states church youth groups to invite and register them to come to this event.  Not only that, but they were the support crew for the event as well.  Much needed for all of the behind the scenes work of this huge production.  However, the show must go on...and indeed it did!

God completely had HIS way...though I did not understand why and how Bryana and her friends had to miss this event they worked so hard for, I was reminded this weekend that God is in control.  Jayson and his buddy were touched by HIS power all throughout this event and they shared an experience that most "best friends" don't get to share at 14yrs old.  When you see your son lifting his arms towards heaven and singing his heart out to God with tears streaming down his face and you know your daughter was partially responsible for 3,881 people in that place hearing the preached word of the Lord, you will lay your head down with the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.  You will treasure those moments and tell yourself, this is what this life is all about.

As I write this post I am thinking wow, it's Thursday, almost a week that we were at the event.  Why has it taken me so long to blog this?  I can honestly answer...until now I was unable to put to words what we experienced last weekend.  I wanted to be careful how to share such a precious account.  When God does something in you, sometimes you share it all and sometimes it's just for you...


Blogging 2011 said...

I really enjoyed reading about ATF, yes how wonderful it is to receive from God and know that it is especially for you, thanks for you sharing your experience.

Shannon said...

Thank you for your comment Blogging 2011! I'm happy to share and thankful for your reading! God Bless!


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