Sunday, September 20, 2009

Team Edwards Off to a Great Start

Well, school has finally arrived for these Minnesota kids. Bryana has entered into her last year of High School and Jayson is now a BIG 7th grader! We started out our school year right by having a family meeting. Our meeting consisted of sharing our personal goals for the year. Daddy always encourages the kids to have goals to reach for during the school year. Both of the kids have made making the Honor Roll one of their highest achievements this year. We then talked about what needed to be done in order to achieve these goals and then discussed some family goals this year as well. Like, taking an RV Road Trip during Spring Break to see Bryana's after High School destination in Texas. And of course there cannot be a family meeting without the discussion of new rules and expectations of the kids. After all of the family business we decided on a theme for the school year 09'-10'..."MAKE IT HAPPEN". We expressed to the kids that instead of talking a good talk about what we want to do this year, whether it be getting on the Honor Roll or going on a huge family vacation, we need to do what it takes to "MAKE IT HAPPEN". We ended our meeting with prayer as we always do, asking the Lord to order our steps.

For the last two weeks before the kids leave for school we say "MAKE IT HAPPEN". It's cool to know that we all know what that means and have something to propel us to victory!

Team Edwards is off to a great start! :)

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