Monday, December 20, 2010

Home For The Holidays!

She's Back!
 Our favorite girl arrived on Saturday to spend the holidays with her family!  After much planning, a little bed re-model and LOTS of cleaning, I headed out the door to MSP (airport).  It was just like in the movies when you see your loved one coming and both of you begin to run towards eachother arms open wide!  We hugged, we kissed, and then we busted out laughing...because, well, that's what we do!  We headed for the car where Mocha was anxiously waiting.  I have to believe that dog new something about Bre was happening with all of the mentioning of her name and me going in and out of her room.  When he finally seen her he freaked out and like he used to wait for her to come home from school everyday, that butt just wiggled with excitement!  It was the sweetest thing to see!

Mochaccino finally gets his Bre!

Next we drove home...a surprise was waiting!  After she took a tour around her own home, she entered her room!  She was shocked (I think)!  Her bed was what I call 5 Star Bryana Style! Shabby Chic is what she likes and comfortable, cozy and welcoming is what we thought she deserved!  Did I mention we have not stopped smiling at this point!?  She turned to look at me and said, "mom, you know me so well...".  OK, sniff sniff, it doesn't get any better than that!

Five Star Bryana Style!

On to the Cheesecake Factory we go!  Her first time, my Gazillionth! Hehehe!  It was wonderful and that was how we ended Bryana's first night home.  Oh, you might be wondering what about the boys...well, they left for a basketball tournament in Iowa on Friday night, so this was all mama on Saturday! :-)

We love Cheesecake Factory!

The reunion with her dad and brother on Sunday was just as sweet!  We drove 3 1/2 hours to Iowa to watch Jayson play ball.  Dad was waiting at the door for us to arrive. Wish I had a video of the dance Bre did when she seen her daddy! SO stinkin cute, they hugged and after she was peeled off of him, it was on to find little bro.  If you know Bre, she cares what no one thinks and she LOVES her brother!  She hides from him in a gym full of kids, teams and adults.  As soon as he turns his back, she runs, grabs him around the neck and to the floor they both went! His smile was as big as hers...laughing and Ahh's were going.  Big sis was back home.  You would think a 14 year old, who was about to play a game, around all of his teammates would have tried to pull the "I'm too cool" card.  BUT no way, it was priceless!
Not sure who's happier!? Sweet!

Back together again!
Yep, that's Bre in the middle of the huddle!


Beth Crabtree said...

Aw Mama Edwards! This makes me so happy! I'm glad she's home and well :)

Stacy said...

LOVE IT!!!! Natalie is sitting next to me and keeps just saying "oh it's BRE!!!"


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