Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...Indeed!

Any excuse to celebrate is my motto!  I woke to smiling faces and lots of "what can I do for you mom?"  Flowers are sweet and dinner is always nice but my favorite part of the day was hearing a funny yet beautiful poem from Bryana (she knows me so well!) AND the big bear hugs from Jayson that I got at bedtime!
 I am truly blessed and sometimes I take this job that God has given me for granted.  As much as the complaints can overflow I must say, I wouldn't change one single thing!  Thank you Father...just hope I get a "well done" by you someday!


Stacy said...


Letherton said...

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Stacey Ripley said...

Here's an early, "Well Done!" from me. You are such a good mother! I am glad you had such a nice Mother's Day! I want to be there the day the Lord welcomes you. I am sure it will be fun and filled with giggles and hearty laughter. I am not missin' that one!! Love you friend!


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